Hi, there, I am DMC, namely Digital Media Center of China International Publishing Group. I was born in April 2015, shouldering the responsibility of promoting overseas publicity. I have produced various products from three WeChat (a social network App) news accounts (BWZ News, Let‘s Video and China Key Words) to diversified videos to an account for Facebook and YouTube, China Matters. These accounts have attracted 400,000 followers altogether. In specific,the three WeChat news accounts achieved over 10 million views in 2015; in 2016, they have also shared their contents through 10 other news apps, promoting the readership to 30 million in the first half of the year. Furthermore, I have made over 800 video episodes and posted them in the video websites at home and abroad: Tencent, Youku, WeChat, YouTube, Facebook, to name a few. They have attracted 60 million views. As you can see, I am quite a newbie in the new media world, but I have been proved to be an active and promising participator. You know what, I have my motto as “presenting China to the world” in pursuit of making my voice heard and responding to the world in ways that are welcomed by social media users.

Over 400,000


Over 60 million

Video Views

Over 50 million


WeChat News Accounts

Digital Media Center is operating a few WeChat news accounts, including BWZ News, Let‘s Video and China Key Words. Their contents have been shared through other popular news apps, including Toutiao, NetEase and Tencent News.

BWZ News

Account Identity


What is it about?

Both bringing views on China from foreign media to readers at home and sharing opinions from Chinese side.


Account Identify


What is it about?

This account features short cartoons, documentaries and movies about Chinese characters and stories.

China Keyword

Account Identify


What is it about?

Providing translations for China’s buzz phrases or words, with easy-understanding explanations.

About Us

WeChat Account Operation

DMC has been working on news accounts that features unique opinions and perspectives, that follows latest hot topics and responds to the international concerns. We take original work as our priority.

Multilingual Videos Production

DMC is producing short videos through international social media. Our videos are characterized with visual technology, mobile ends for watching and catering to social media users by voicing for Chinese perspectives. We have a wide range of video programs, such as cartoons, documentaries, movies and talk shows.

Overseas Social Media Promotion

China Matters is designed for overseas social media users, which is the combination of website Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. These accounts post videos and pictures to tell Chinese stories and deliver Chinese perspectives.

News Products Development

We keep close eyes on new technologies in communication fields and try our best to initiate reform in communication approaches. We are devoted to developing new products, incubating new projects and expanding new channels to realize massive communication effects. In current, we have gained experience and fruits in Html 5 designing and producing, have been improving our VR products and have swooped in such new areas as cartoons, animation and emoji.